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Puzzle Five

Here's another simple arithmetic puzzle.

Can you figure out what the missing number is? It's not quite as hard as it looks!

Solution to puzzle 5

Puzzle Four

How many words can you make using only the letters in:


There are a lot more than you might think!

Solution to puzzle 4

Puzzle Three

As a magician, you sometimes need to do some arithmetic in your head. Quickly!

How long will it take you to figure out the missing number?

Solution to puzzle 3

Puzzle Two

The Party Magician is learning a new trick. It requires five cards. For this puzzle the cards are the ace, two three, four and five of any suit and are face down in this order from top to bottom; that is, the ace is face down on top of the packet and the five is on the bottom.

The cards are dealt in this way: Starting with the top card, place it face down on the table. Take the second card (the one that is now on top of the packet) and place it, still face down, on the bottom of the packet. The third card is dealt, face down, on top of the first card on the table. Continue with the fourth card and so on until all of the cards are face down on the table.

There is a proper name for this kind of dealing used by magicians. What would you call it?

If your were to now turn over the entire packet on the table, what order would they be in?

Solution to puzzle 2

Puzzle One

Help The Party Magician get ready for his show.

Lost in his magic box are a whole lot of playing cards. In fact, there are 24 blue backed cards and 24 red backed cards. He need exactly two blue backed cards for his next trick.

What is the smallest number of cards he needs to pull out of his box (without looking) to be absolutely sure that he has exactly two blue ones?

Solution to puzzle 1

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