Puzzle Two

The Party Magician is learning a new trick. It requires five cards: the ace, two three, four and five of any suit. Arrange them face down in this order from the top; the ace is face down on top of the packet and the five is on the bottom.

The cards are dealt in this way: Starting with the top card, place it face down on the table. Take the next card and move it, still face down, to the bottom of the packet. The third card is dealt, face down, on top of the first card on the table. Continue with the fourth card and so on until all of the cards are face down on the table.

If your were to now turn over the entire packet on the table, what order would they be in?

Magician call this the "Down and Under Deal".

Can you come up with another name for this?



1 3 5 4 2