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Walk-around, strolling magic that’s up close and personal. It takes place right in their hands.

Mingle Magic

Strolling, walk-around magic that comes to you

FPauline H. enjoying a card trick up-close and personalor a reception, cocktail party or hospitality suite, or just about any time that a formal show is out of place, you’ll want to consider Ron’s Mingle Magic. It goes to your guests. It’s magic that is up-close and personal with small props right in the hands  of your guests.

You will witness amazing sleight-of-hand, intriguing stories and Ron’s charm and unique wit, elements that combine to leave a big impression on you and your clients or guests.

Ron will mix and mingle with your guests, table to table or from one group of guests to another. He’ll get your guests to interact with each other. You’ll be the hit of the party for having made the booking. Suitable for events of all kinds, all sizes and all ages.

TInformal close-up magic with Cathy L.he magic is flexible and dynamic, changing with the ebb and flow of the event and the mood and taste of your guests.

At a banquet event, Mingle Magic can be added as an “appetizer” to a formal after-dinner show.

For street festivals, sidewalk sales, or large family-oriented events, you might consider combining Ron’s close-up magic balloon twisting. Ron’s balloon creations are loved by children of all ages.

Quick Facts

Mingle magic is strolling entertainment that comes to youThe Party Magician performing close-up magicKat W. (Toronto) picks a cardRon Guttman as close-up magic performerStephanie G. (Toronto) shows the hidden card

Brand Awareness Marketing

Trade shows and marketing events can be enhanced through the addition of well-scripted and targeted magical demonstrations where the featured products become part of the magic and the star of the show.

Consult with Ron before you develop your next campaign.

Brand Awareness Marketing Through Magic

Selected Testimonials

“You amazed our guests during cocktails with your roaming tricks, leaving the table conversations buzzing.”

Elizabeth Crouse

Office Administrator, Finance Department

Toronto Star Newspapers Limited