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Just remember, these could have been your guests!

Jodi E. (Tillsonburg) becomes part of the magic show Mackenzie A.(Burlington) is amazed at the magic happening right in front of her nose!

That’s no illusion, simply wonderful magic!

Bianca B. (Brampton) with a big smile at The Family Magic Show Lexus C. (Burlington) with a big smile enjoying the antics of The Party Magician Tristan B. (Parry Sound) with a big smile Shea-Leigh B. (Hamilton) smiling at magic show Keenan J. (Ennismore) watches the show in amazement Zoe (Oshawa) looks on in amazement Daniel P. (Caledionia) looks on in amazement at Canada Day show Addisyn (Waterdown) helps perform the "Cut and Restored Rope" Jasmind B. (Caledonia) models a balloon for The Party Magician Zoe P. (Bobcaygeon) on-stage with magician Ron Guttman Logan C. (Acton) is trying to figure out the "Card in Balloon" Abbey A.(Hagersville) on-stage at the magic show

Big smiles ...

For the young, and the young at heart!

Morgan R. (Kincardine) enjoying the show at the fall fair Dalila O. (Ajax) looks on with a big smile Robbie B. (Elmvale) watches with rapt attention Willow W. (Emsdale) is amazed at the antics of The Party Magician Tracey D. (Breslau) enjoying the show Robbie D. (Collingwood) helps The Party Magician sing a song John R. (Mindemoya) Janice S. (Kingston) on-stage at the Beaverton Fall Fair Julie S. (Orillia) becomes part of the show in Brechin Pam P. (Newmarket)  on-stage with The Party Magician Ruana G. comes to Canada and ends up on-stage with The Party Magician Crystal R. (Aylmer) on-stage with Ron Guttman Amy P. (Fordwich)  becomes a part of a mind-reading experiment in North Perth Emily K. (Elora) can't believe her eyes

Big smiles …

Big smiles, all around. That’s what you’ll get when you book The Party Magician for your next event.

And not just from the children. It’s a family event, and everyone will want to be a part of the fun.

There’s always something for everyone: from pre-school to teen to parent and grand-parent.

It’s magic and it’s mystery, and sometimes it’s even madcap mayhem, you just never know.

And there’s always a photo opportunity when you or someone from your family joins the magic right up on stage.

Don’t be surprised if you become part of the show. There are no safe seats when Ron Guttman is in the house.

Amazed looks …

The look on their faces will tell the whole story, even if you can’t hear them asking, “How did he do that?”

The audience becomes engaged, and then involved, as they begin to participate in the magic, both from their seats and on-stage.

One moment they may be thinking how glad they are that they’re not the one on stage, and a moment later they are volunteering for the next position!

It’s all about a sense of, “Wow!” If only for a few minutes, but they all want to be a part of the magic.

C.J. (Brampton) with a big smile at the Pumpkinfest magic show

That’s no illusion …

Illusion … the erroneous percep-tion of reality. What you get is not what you see.

Karl Germain calls magic the most honest profession because the magician promise to deceive you, and then he does!

Sometimes you won’t believe your eyes. And sometimes, you may reconsider your concept of reality.

Simply wonderful magic!

Sit back. Relax. And enjoy the show. The Party Magician will take you on a wonderful journey filled with mystery, illusion and magic.

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For the young …

Some people can’t help but to label magic shows as children’s events. Often, they are added to programs for exactly that reason, and I see the children dragging their parents into the show, sometimes quite unwillingly!

… and the young at heart!

That is why I offer many different shows like The Family Magic Show and Tricky Bits.

Kelly Shoemaker, at Bass Lake Park (see complete testimonial) reported that she sometimes notices some of the 40-something campers using the “I’m going to walk the dog” excuse to break away from the campsite to see what all the laughter was about. They stop, watch and join the laughter along with the others, then go back to tell the others how good the show was.

It’s magic for the whole family!

Tawnie T. (Oshawa) with a big smile enjoying the show at Ribfest Beth C. (Kincardine) smiles as she helps The Party Magician Scott S. (Thornhill) concentrating on his selected card Jordyn G. (Whitby) smiling at the campground show Ella H. (Oshawa) enjoying the campground show Hawley C. (Oshawa) watches the rising card Hailey E. (Tillsonburg) watches the magician carefully. How did he do that? Holly M. (Beaverton) is on-stage with The Party Magician LC (Toronto) singing a song with The Party Magician Sandra B. (Barrie) enjoying the show

Amazed looks…

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