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Solution to The Donkey Puzzle

Did you give this your best effort? I hope that you didn't just quickly jump to this page. It is actually quite tricky to solve and requires quite a leap in imagination and in the way you see things.  

Here is the solution.

Step One

Place the two donkey cards back to back as shown in the image to the right.

Step Two

Now place the rider over the join in the middle. That’s it!


You can now see the image of two donkeys being ridden by two riders! One is heading off to the left while the other is heading off to the right!

As I hinted at in the instructions, the donkeys look different in this configuration than they do on the pieces as provided.

When you show this to your friends, you can explain that the donkeys have taken flight!

The real lesson here is this: You

You need to open your mind to the possibilities around you and not stay locked in a two-dimensional world. Learn to see things In a different way; this is one of the keys to solving problems and tackling challenges.