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Now you can add some real magic to your party. And your loot bags!

Loot Bags and Party Favours

Put some magic in your loot bags!

Are you hosting a magic-themed event? Would you like to add some magic to your loot bags? Are you looking for some magical items to spice up a corporate event or as a trade show give-away?

There are several magic-related items for you to choose from. These make excellent giveaways or additions to your loot bags.

These items are all educational, teach valuable magical principles and are value-priced to save you money. Mix, match and combine the items that will make your party the hit of the neighbourhood. Then order only what you need.   

You’ve planned the perfect magical party for your child. Now you’d like to offer your guests a little something magical to take home as part of their loot bags.

Our magical loot bags are value-priced to save you money. They are delivered bagged and ready-to-distribute to your guests; just add your own treats.

The minimum order is only 8 sets and there is no need to worry about over-ordering because you will only be charged for the exact number of sets you accept at the time of delivery at your party.

Magic wand balancing on a glass. Impossilbe!Magic Wand

The Magic Wand remains our perpetual favourite!

Every aspiring magician needs a magic wand. This package includes a 12-page booklet that provides a short history of the magic wand and teaches eight tricks that can be performed with the magic wand and a couple of items found around the house.

Each wand/booklet is individually packaged for your convenience.

Secret Stuff - a magic workshop for childrenSecret Stuff Workbook

This is the workbook Ron uses in his popular Secret Stuff Workshop. The package includes everything needed to get started with magic; a miniature and affordable magic kit.

The 36-page book provides introductory notes, resources, detailed instruction for 12 tricks using the included magic wand along with coins, cards and ropes to be provided by the recipient.

1102 E-Z Magic Tricks - a beginner's book for magicians02 E-Z Magic Tricks

This is a great booklet for the beginning magician. The 17 pages cover 102 easy-to-do magic tricks you can perform with simple objects found around the house.

With this booklet you will also learn some of the principles professional magicians use to build their repertoires.

This would make an excellent add-on to the Secret Stuff Notebook, above.

Fun and Easy Magic Tricks

24 pages of creative fun, including colouring pages, puzzles, 23 tricks, and other magical activities, including how to make your very own magic wand.

The suggested age range for this book is 7 and up. However, some of the activities will require the assistance of parent or older sibling.

More Options

Would you like to enhance one of our standard assortments? We have several additional items available individually. Here are just a few of our more popular items; there are many more available by special order for major events.

2-Card Monte - an easy-to-learn card trickTwo Card Monte

A simple trick with just two cards. Based on a classic street hustle that’s still played on the streets of New York City, the sucker never wins. This trick teaches some very basic card handling techniques.

Tricky Paddle - learn a basic magic trick and techniqueTricky Paddle

Watch the bunny appear and disappear as it jumps from one side of the paddle to the other. Teaches a basic sleight that can be applied to many other objects.

The Lady Is Lost - a quick little card trickThe Lady Is Lost

This is a very easy-to-perform trick that combines an optical illusion with the high risk of a famous street hustle. A complete presentation is provided making it very easy to learn.

Unequal Equal Ropes

Three ropes of different lengths magically change to three ropes of the same length and then back to their original size.

If you watch carefully, you might even see me perform this trick somewhere in my show!


For detailed pricing information, just ask!

Magic tricks and books for your magical party loot bags

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